Herrick’s Sampler

Potato skins, buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and
homemade onion rings 10.99
Substitutions add 1.50 per item

Fried Battered Vegetables

Cauliflower and broccoli florets mixed with carrots
and zucchini, then battered and fried. Served with
buttermilk ranch dressing 8.99

Cheese Ouesadllla
Grilled flour tortillia, melted cheddar jack 7.99
with chicken & salsa 8.99
with shaved steak 9.99

Tenders or Wings
Deep fried tenders or wings tossed in your choice
of Buffalo, BBQ. Bourbon or Teriyaki sauce 9.99

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip topped with
diced tomatoes served with tortilla chips 8.99

Nachos with Cheese
Crispy corn tortilla chips loaded with cheddar jack
cheese, pi co de gallo, jalapenos, and black olives
with salsa and sour cream 8.99
With chili OR grilled chicken 10.99
With chill AND grilled chicken 11.99

Soups & Sides

Instead of frles with your meal try

Onion Rings 1.49
Onion Petals 1.49
Coleslaw .99
Sweet Potato Fries 1.49
Side Salad 1.99
Side Caesar 2.49
Cup of Soup 1.99 Cup of Chowder 2.99
Mac & Cheese Bites
American classic, battered, fried golden 9.99

Crab Cakes
Two jumbo crab cakes served with a roasted garlic
aloll 7.49

Potato Skins
Potato skins loaded with cheddar jack cheese and
bacon served with sour cream 9.99

Soup of the Day
Enjoy a cup or a bowl of today’s featured soup

French Fries 2.99
Coleslaw 2.99
Sweet Potato Fries 3.99
Homemade Onion Rings 4.99
Onion Petals-4.99
House Salad-2.99
Caesar Salad-3.99

Dinner Plates
• • All fried dinners are served v;ith French fries and coleslaw

Fried Favorites
Sea Scallops OR Whole Belly Clams 16.99
Chicken Tenders OR Chicken Wings 10.99
Clam Strips OR Homemade Chicken Nuggets 11.99
Haddock OR Haddock Nuggets 12.99
Shrimp 13.99

Combo Platter

Your choice of any two of the “Fried Favorites 16.99

Fisherman’s Platter

Haddock, Scallops, Clams, and Shrimp served with
French fries and coleslaw 18.99


All entrees are served w~h your cholte of potato. vegetable of the day, garden salad, and breadstlck.

Herricks Sirloin
Grilled to your liking 14.99

Steak Tips
Seasoned steak tips smothered with sauteed
mushrooms, onions, and peppers 14.99

Flat Iron Steak
Your choice of llghUy seasoned or homemade
black diamond marinade 14.99

Surf and Turf
Grilled Flat Iron and your choice of fried shrimp or
fried haddock 16.99

Baked Scallops
Fresh sea scallops baked lightly in butter and a
seasoned crumb topping 16.99


All pasta entrees are served with a garden salad and bread
Choice of pasta angel hair.lingulnl or penne

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
Grilled chicken, broccoli florets, and choice of
pasta In a creamy parmesan cream sauce 12.99

Chicken Parmesan
Golden fried chicken with melted mozzarella over
your choice of pasta with marinara sauce 14.99
Pesto Tortelllnl
Tri-(olored cheese filled tortellinl in a pesto cream
sauce 10.99
With grilled chicken 11.99
With grilled shrimp 12.99

Southwest Chicken
A tender grilled chicken breast loaded with fresh
pico de gallo, salsa, ranch dressing, and melted
cheddar jack cheese 12.99

Swiss Chicken
A tender grilled chicken breast smothered with
sauteed mushrooms, a creamy cheese sauce and
lots of melted Swiss 12.99

Our savory homestyle meatloaf with hearty beef

Baked Haddock
Fresh Atlantic haddock baked lightly in butter and
a seasoned crumb topping 13.99

Spinach and Garlic Ravioli
Roasted garlic and spinach stuffed ravioli finished
with a garlic and herb cream sauce 10.99

Eggplant Parmesan
Golden eggplant with melted mozzarella over
choice of pasta with marinara sauce 13.99

Chicken Popeye
Grilled chicken, garlic, spinach, diced tomatoes,
bacon, and penne pasta sauteed in a rich butter
sauce 14.99